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The Blade of the Prophets

What would you have your Arbiter do?

The Arbiter/Thel 'Vadam (OU)
9 April
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Character: Thel 'Vadam A.K.A. The Arbiter
Series/Fandom: Halo
Original or Alternate: Original
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Sangheili
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: The Arbiter, like the majority of his species, dwarfs the average human at roughly 8 foot 6 inches. His scales are brown; however, they can look almost black under certain lights. The Arbiter's eyes are an orangey gold color. On the left side of his chest, he has been branded with a symbol known as the Mark of Shame, which is given to those who have committed heresy against the Covenant. The Arbiter wears a unique suit of armor that is made out of some kind of bronze-colored alloy. Under the armor itself, he wears a purple and blue body suit to keep it in place.
Personality: The Arbiter is very impatient at times and prefers action to discussing anything. He rarely speaks at great length and uses what one may consider very proper English. He can be quick to anger and has very strong convictions, though he currently has a complete lack of faith and a few issues with authority. The Arbiter doesn't believe he is wrong unless it is actually proven to him. He fights for his honor above all else, but vengeance is a close second. At times, he is very possessive.
Abilities/Strengths: The Arbiter is physically very strong, being able to flip and lift things like cars with relative ease. He is also very quick and agile, being able to run much faster than most humans. He is an excellent strategist and can come up with a (usually violent) solution to most problems.
Weaknesses: The Arbiter can at times be too aggressive. He is also very stubborn and hates to admit his faults and wrongs. Admitting defeat simply does not happen.
Notable Possessions: The Arbiter carries two weapons at almost all times. He prefers the Covenant's Energy Sword above all else because of his species' reverence of sword fighting, which they are known to be very skilled at. This sword, like most Covenant weapons, uses plasma rather than steel. However because of this, the sword runs on a sort of battery that is drained every time it comes into contact with something. Thus, in longer battles, it would be much less useful than in a short one unless you could recharge it. The other weapon he carries varies depending on what he needs at the time. For all-purpose situations, he relies on a Plasma Rifle. As its name implies, it relies on firing plasma rather than bullets. Firing it for an extended amount of time can cause it to overheat, rendering it unusable until it has a few seconds to cool. Another disadvantage is that it also runs on a battery which drains when it's fired.
The Arbiter's armor is, compared to the rest of his race's armor, very old. While it still has a personal energy shield and an active camouflage generator, the shield is weaker and the active camouflage can only be activated for a few seconds and will deactivate itself when he is attacking. The shield deflects most attacks, however plasma weaponry drains it very quickly. The active camouflage generator allows for him to essentially turn invisible by refracting the light around him.
History: The Arbiter was born Thel 'Vadam in the State of Vadam on planet Sangheilios. After joining the Covenant military, he was elected Kaidon by the family elders. During his reign, he became the target of an assassination attempt, but luckily managed to dispatch of the conspirators without so much as a scratch. After being ordered by the Prophet of Regret to attack the UNSC while they were in the middle of a fight with a Kig-Yar ship. During this battle he saw and was wounded by a Spartan, thus beginning his long-standing rivalry with them. After this, he quickly rose through the ranks and became the Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice. While the fleet was under his command, it destroyed the planet of Reach and followed the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn to the first discovered Halo. Because the Commander was not allowed to destroy the Autumn, it gave the humans a chance to lad on Halo and eventually destroy it. The humans (a Spartan, to be specific) also managed to capture the flagship of the Fleet, the Ascendant Justice. Thanks to these pair of blunders, the High Prophet of Truth brought the Commander to trial.At the trial, the Covenant High Council declared the Commander a heretic, which meant he was to be stripped of his rank and branded with the Mark of Shame in front of anyone who wanted to watch. He was also supposed to be executed; however he was given a chance to redeem himself by becoming the Arbiter which was, in fact, just an indirect death sentence.Unlike the other 192 Arbiters before him, this one actually managed to survive his mission to kill a Heretic leader and returned to High Charity perfectly alive. He is then sent to retrieve a Sacred Icon from another Halo in order to activate it. While he, once again, manages to complete his mission, he is betrayed by Tartarus, the Chieftain of the Brutes, who reveals that the Prophets want to completely wipe out the Sangheili. Tartarus then proceeds to knock him down a chasm, hoping this time, the Arbiter will actually die.The Arbiter, apparently just as lucky as ever, is rescued by the Flood's collective intelligence, known as the Gravemind. The Gravemind convinces him that activating Halo will not turn him into a god, but will actually kill him along with every other sentient being in the galaxy and sends him to stop Tartarus from activating it. In the process of saving the galaxy, he makes an alliance with the humans and kills Tartarus. Unfortunately, the shutdown of Halo causes a standby sequence to be triggered, which makes all the Halo installations ready to be remotely detonated from the Ark.The Arbiter, now assisting the humans in their fight against the Covenant and the Flood, teams up with the Master Chief to stop the Ark from firing. During this whole process, he manages to get revenge on the Prophet of Truth. Shortly thereafter, the Gravemind, no longer needing the Arbiter or the Master Chief to stop the firing of the rings, betrays them and they hatch up a plan to fire a half-way built ring to destroy the Flood.While the Arbiter and the Master Chief escape from the new Halo, the Forward Unto Dawn was cut in half by a closing portal. The Arbiter, who was piloting it, made it through safely and crashed back on Earth. The Chief's half didn't make it through the portal and he is believed dead by everyone. Because of his respect for the Spartan, he attended a ceremony honoring those lost in the war. Afterwards, he and the rest of the Sangheili go back to their home planet of Sangheilios.

Disclaimer: This is a role-playing journal by suzumeshoujo.
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